Want to Choose Wood Paint? These Are 3 Things You Must Look For

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The choice of wood paint may sound trivial, some people are more concerned with color. Even if it’s done carelessly, the result will be less than perfect and the wood will not look beautiful. Then, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing wood paint? Aside from that, the painters woodstock ga can help you if you’re too busy to paint your house by yourself.

1. The type of wood affects the type of wood paint

First, you need to know the type of wood to be painted first. Because each wood has different fiber and chemical content. For example, for teak wood that has beautiful fiber and texture, it would be better if it is coated using water-based wood paint. Thus, her beauty remains prominent and shinier.

While wood from pine trees usually has uneven fiber and color. To work around this, you need to use wood paint which is a primary coat.

2. The position of furniture placement also affects the type of wood paint

Next is to look at the position where the furniture e will be placed. For example for wood fences that are often exposed to sunlight and rain, choose waterproof paint. Thus the wooden fence will not be easily weathered, overgrown with moss, and moldy.

For wood floors, use wood paint that protects wood from the friction of shoes and heavy objects. Whereas ordinary wood furniture such as tables, chairs, and cabinets, simply use wood polish or solid color paint because it is not often subjected to friction.

3. Choose wood paint based on the level of transparency

Based on the level of transparency, wood paint consists of solid color paint and transparent polish. Solid color wood paint has a high density so that wood fibers can be completely covered. Suitable for coating minimalist and modern wood furniture. While transparent wood paint can add luster to the wood surface and protect it from scratches, but wood fiber still looks like the original. This one paint is suitable for classical, ethnic and traditional style furniture.

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