To Make The Screws Bonded Perfectly, This Is How To Use The Right Drilling Machine

Thursday , 10, January 2019 Leave a comment

You are certainly no stranger to the screws that can work well in some tool fields. In fact, many people keep these things in their homes. Unfortunately, many people cannot store it properly, so the screw cannot be used properly. However, now there is a ball screw repair that will help you deal with problems that occur on the screw.

Usually, screws are installed using tools such as drilling machines. Drilling machines are easy-to-use carpentry equipment for work in your home. But like all other equipment, knowledge is needed on how to use it safely. For drilling machines with certain features, you also need to read about the security of use in your drill manual. There are several safe ways to use a drilling machine that you should know well.

1. Always use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as breathing masks, protective goggles, and gloves. This is necessary to protect yourself from dust and broken material. If drilling is carried out in a long period of time, it is better to wear hearing protection.

2. Do not use hanging jewelry or accessories and oversized clothing because accidentally the drill bit can be caught.

3. Select the drill bit that matches the material to be drilled. This is necessary to get effective and efficient results. This can also avoid the fracture of the drill bit because the material drilled is harder than the resistance of the drill bit. Read the manual from your drilling machine. Also, select drill bits according to the size of the screw that will be inserted in the drill hole.

4. Install the drill bit on the grip of the drilling machine (chuck). Fasten it with a chuck-key that is usually included in the drill machine’s package when buying it. Make sure the drill bit is in the centered position of the grip. If the drill bit bends when used, it is likely that the position is not right in the middle of the grip. Immediately replace the drill bit.

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