This Vinyl Floor Motif For Your Home Feels More Natural!

Saturday , 5, January 2019 Leave a comment

Many homeowners will feel confused when they have to determine what kind of floor that can be applied to the house. The choice of floors on the market is indeed many, from various types of flooring there is one that Kania recommends for you.

Vinyl floors from best luxury vinyl tile you can try. Vinyl floors are known to be practical with patterns that are close to nature, you can change the appearance of a room at home in a practical way. This vinyl floor is easily glued to the floor or ceramic coating. So, if you are bored with the floor material, you can replace it with other motifs according to taste. Almost the same as ceramic floors. Vinyl floors are very strong, fire resistant and water so they are widely used in public buildings.

This oak wood floor is most often used because it provides a rustic and natural effect that can make the house look homey. This vinyl floor is very easy to clean, suitable for you who want your house always clean. Vinyl flooring with this motif has several types such as brown oak, golden oak, and dark oak. The colors of this vinyl floor are also suitable to be matched with a variety of furniture of any color. In addition to the oak wood motif, the wood motif is also a favorite of various designers because the colors are neutral and suitable for all rooms. The motif of this type of vinyl floor itself also looks more realistic like real wood, so it will add to the atmosphere of an increasingly natural home.

The design motif on this vinyl floor is the work of award winner Harvey Maria Vinyl Floor Tiles, Neisha Crosland. The advantages of this vinyl floor are anti-slippery and waterproof. This vinyl floor motif is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with natural stone colors because of its anti-slippery and waterproof properties.

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