This is the Beautiful Selong Balanak You Need to Know

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Lombok is indeed famous for a variety of beautiful places and of course amazing scenery. This is the advantage of Lombok compared to other regions. One place in Lombok that is never deserted by tourists is Selong Belanak. In fact, there are now visit this link which can be an option for property investment by many people.

In fact, this beach is included in Wego’s preferred beach list in Lombok. Because the distance is far from the city center, this beach is indeed not a lot of tourists, however, the area around the beach is very suitable to be used as a good investment property. Another interesting thing about this beach is that there are two types of waves on this beach. The west coast has large waves, while in the thymus part it has waves that are not too big. the difference in waves is used by many tourists to surf. No wonder, if there are many tourists there who enjoy the waves on the beach.

Although not crowded with visitors, on the back of the beach there are stalls that sell food and drinks. The food sold is usually smoked fish caught by local fishermen. There is no special seasoning, only burned and served with spicy chili. But because the fish is fresh, the food feels like a champion!

In recent years, Selong Belanak Beach has begun to improve. Currently available on the beachfront lodging, from homestays to luxury villas. The stalls of food sellers have been put in order so that the view of the beach does not diminish its beauty. No wonder this location is a strategic location in property investment.

To go to Selong Belanak Beach, you can drive 60 kilometers to the south from the center of Mataram City. Drive carefully because the terrain that goes through to get to the beach is quite steep and winding. After passing through Mangkung Village, you will arrive at the entrance to Selong Village, where Selong Belanak Beach is located.

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