The Latest Tips For Making Interesting CVs And Resumes

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A good resume design is eye-catching but still looks simple. “If the content is king, then the design is the queen,” said Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write. According to Debra, some things that must be considered are the use of italic, bold, and capslock which are used for emphasis and the selection of fonts you use. A good font is a letter that looks good on both the screen and on paper, so choose a modern letter design and try the test by printing it on paper first before you send it. “I would not choose Times New Roman, because it’s the most basic type of letter,” said Debra. Meanwhile, you can check out jobcentreonline to find various jobs from a trusted source.

Add a LinkedIn page

The top third is the most important part of a resume, including your contact information. Right now, instead of writing an email address after the name and contact info, it is recommended to write your LinkedIn address first. Amanda Augustine, career expert from TopResume explained, “Today, the majority of professionals use LinkedIn, so you don’t have to have a profile on LinkedIn, but also having to create your LinkedIn page can strengthen the resumes you send.” Therefore, it’s important for us to make an interesting LinkedIn page so that you look more professional and serious in your career.

Pay attention to the position you wrote

Note the keywords of the positions that are available on job site. If a company is looking for “Marketing Communications Director” and you meet the criteria you are looking for, you may just write your position like “Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications.”However, if you apply for a position that you have never held before, try writing a position more general, like “Marketing Professional.” Amanda suggested, “When looking for work, try to think about ‘What do I want to do in the next job?’ If you want to be competitive in the workforce today, we must be good at promoting ourselves.”

Short and solid self-description

A long sentence about yourself is an outdated thing. Compared to writing diaries or confiding letters, what you need to make is a brief and solid paragraph of statements about why you are the right candidate for the position you are seeking.

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