Lock Left in the Car, Here’s an Emergency Way to Open it

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The most annoying thing for the driver is when the key is left in the car, and is still stuck in the ignition key. Drivers and passengers cannot get inside because the door is closed tightly. You who experience this may ask for the help of a locksmith to open a locked door from the inside. If conditions are not possible, you may be forced to break the windshield to pick up keys or turn on the car. You can also ask help from Car Key Replacement.

However, the last method is clearly risky and definitely requires a large repair cost to replace the glass. Actually, you don’t need to depend on the help of a locksmith or even break the glass. You can also open a locked car door without damaging the keyhole with this emergency trick.

As a warning, this method will be more suitable if done at home, but it can also be done when in the parking provided the tools are available. Simply provide a screwdriver and fire from a gas lighter or even a stove, then a tennis ball. This tennis ball is used as a pump to suppress key mechanical devices. However, this method does not apply to cars that have used keyless technology.

First, make a small hole deep enough in a tennis ball. The trick, a screwdriver that is heated with fire from the stove or lighter gas, then stabbed into the ball until it’s hollow.

After a hole, use the tennis ball to open the door lock. Point the hole in the tennis ball right in front of the keyhole on the door.

Press with all the power of the tennis ball until the sprawl uses your hands. Make sure the air push from inside the tennis ball presses firmly into the door hole.

If the key still fails to open, repeat the step of pressing the tennis ball with a stronger and faster pressure. The huge and fast air pressure inside this tennis ball moves the mechanical components inside the keyhole until finally the door can be opened.

We recommend that you keep this tennis ball in a bag or a place that is easy to find. If the door is locked again from the inside, you can just use the tennis ball to open the door.

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