Increase the Security of Your Gmail Account With the Following Steps

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The first step to making Gmail you have a high level of security is by encryption. By encrypting, anyone who tries to interfere with your e-mail network won’t be able to understand what they are getting. Google, as the Gmail service owner, already considers encryption so important, Gmail itself can run through HTTPS connections. Apart from that, try theĀ logme once system if you wish to have a higher level of security for your gadgets.

Google itself now has a warning that is able to notify users if there is an email received without going through an unencrypted connection. From here, the incoming e-mail can be easily hijacked or changed.

More than encrypting connections, you are also advised to encrypt your e-mail messages. You can use Mailvelope to be able to encrypt your e-mail messages. When you use browse Chrome, the encryption process will run more easily because the extension on Chrome will be integrated directly into Gmail to simplify the process of encrypting and decrypting email.

Enable Two-Step Verification

After encryption, you can do two-step verification (two-step verification) or two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication). The two-step verification means activating two forms of login verification, which are verification of the account password (account password) and a verification code sent to your smartphone. By doing this technique, the security level of your Gmail account will increase two to three times.

Use Incognito Mode

Generally, hacking of e-mail occurs on a computing device that is used together such as in internet cafes, libraries, and other places. So if you often open a Gmail account in places with the use of a shared computer, then you should always use Incognito Mode.

Incognito Mode itself is private mode (private mode) which can be found in the Chrome browser. With this incognito mode feature, you will automatically log out (exit) from the opening Gmail window.

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