How to Strengthen the Liver and Kidney for Body Detoxification

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To get maximum detoxification results, all detox organs must be in optimal conditions, especially the liver and kidneys. However, considering the chemicals exposed to the body are too high, of course, these organs need help. there are many ways that can be done to protect detox organs and strengthen each organ from the threat of damage. According to the drug detox center, the liver can be damaged by exposure to toxic chemicals that may be brought from the consumption of painkillers, alcoholic drinks, and unhealthy lifestyles. Although the liver is not only the main organ for detoxifying pollutants and chemicals in the body but also vital organs which are hidden keys to weight loss without difficulty. and you can do detoxification in three days by the first day, try to consume cocktails, cocktails are liver cleansing drinks. Furthermore, on the second day, you can consume liver-enhancing foods such as eggs, cauliflower, cinnamon, nutmeg yogurt, beets, and broccoli. Then on the third day, you can consume vegetables from the genus Brassica, such as broccoli, mustard greens, cabbage and many more, consumption of these foods is highly recommended at least one serving in one day.

The kidneys are one of the organs of the human body that are very sensitive because of exposure to toxic chemicals that are so high in the blood that is filtered through them when many harmful substances accumulate in the kidneys, kidney function will be hampered. Urine that is odorless and colorless in general is an indication that the kidneys are functioning properly. Primarily, it is important to meet the needs of fluids by consuming 10 to 12 drinking water every day. In order to help the kidneys rinse toxins from the entire body. This will actually turn around when you do not drink enough water, then the kidneys may be contaminated with metals that make them swollen, thus ultimately reducing the ability of the kidneys to efficiently filter toxins from the body. In addition, reduce the stress that can occur in the kidneys, reduce stress on the kidneys you can do by reducing consumption of foods and drinks that can stimulate such as red meat, tea, coffee, and foods containing refined salt. Meanwhile, if you experience problems with your kidneys, it’s better to reduce your intake of animal protein.

Instead, food intake can strengthen kidney function such as fresh vegetables and fruits, such as black beans, blueberries, perversely, chives, garlic, cloves and much more. Maintaining and strengthening detox organs such as the liver and kidneys is very important because the body will not release harmful chemicals if the detox organs do not work and function optimally. For this reason, the tips and methods above are expected to be useful for those of you who want to know how to maintain a detox organ to become stronger in order to achieve an optimal detoxification process.

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