3 Top CBSE School in Bangalore That You Should Know

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Do you know Bangalore? that’s a garden city of Karnataka that very popular in developing CBSE Schools. It has so many important roles to make the education developing as well as they want. CBSE School offer nationalized curriculum and subject matters that flexible and also comfortable to be followed. If you have children, you must get him into this school to get so many experiences than the other school. So, how about 3 Top CBSE School in Bangalore that you can make it as an option? here is the information.

CBSE School in Bangalore has good infrastructure, academic facilities, and also extra-curricular activities that very amazing to do. Here some recommendation 3 Top CBSE School in Bangalore that you have to know.

1. Jain International School
Jain International School is one of the CBSE School in Bangalore. It has established in 1999, which consists more than 750 students. It ranked on Big 4 of All India Rankings in 2015, which is very good school at the time. It has three academic programs, such as CBSE, CIE and IBDP. It has also good academic facilities, like air conditioned classrooms, projector, audio-visual rooms, labs for physics, chemistry, and biology, library, large auditorium, and sport centre.

2. Kendriya Vidyala
Kendriya Vidyala is one of the CBSE School in Bangalore that located in Hebbal. This school offers an education that will provide para military personnel, and also the children that get transferred because of his parent as the central government employees. It ranked No. 8 position among all India Rankings in 2015. This school has well equipped classrooms, big library with 20000 books that very amazing, sport centre like volley ball courts, basketball courts, table tennis boards, labs for computer, biology and chemistry.

3. Air Force School
Air Force School is well known as one of the top 3 CBSE School in Bangalore. It has established in 1958, which educating the children belonging to the personnel working of HQTC, Air Force Lodger Units and other. The other categories will be chosen by the availability of seats outside the main category needed.

That’s all the information about 3 Top CBSE School in Bangalore that you have to know. Each School has pros and also cons, so you have to choose it depends on your children needs.

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